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About us.
Great Chefs, Great Food,
Great Company.... and YOU!

At Soleil Provence, we are passionate about
good food, wine, and "art de vivre".
We bring together the best chefs in Shonan
to give an authentic French taste that you
can do at home for your friends and family.

Cooking class.
Each cooking class offers you
the promise of discovery
new recipes, new tastes
and new friends!

We want to show you not only how to cook
delicious authentic meals,but also how
to celebrate food with refined sensation,
and a joie de vivre that becomes in a warm,
convivial atmosphere. Professional chefs,
experts in table arts and gastronomy will lead
our monthly ateliers gourmand.
These food events, workshops and classes
are also ideal for groups and organizations
seeking a special event.

- For More information -
Please sign up here for more information on food events, workshops, tutored wine
and cheese tastings and easy French Cooking Classes.

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